Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse

Schreurs Ex-Tra transports goods from its clients from anywhere in the world to the Netherlands. For this we are AEO-certified (Authorized Economic Operator), which means that we transport globally under the highest quality standards. We do this by sea (short sea and deep sea) as well as by air, road and rail. We are of course ready for the entire transport, including from the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerp to our warehouse in Venlo or Nettetal. Here you can then use our customs warehouse as desired.

Customs and warehouse activities

A customs warehouse is intended to temporarily store your goods or to transit them to the country of destination without paying import duties and VAT. If you want to use our customs warehouse, we will store the goods or transport them to the final destination, depending on your instructions. Our customs experts take care of any additional customs clearance. In this way we strive to completely unburden you and to leave your goods with us with a safe feeling. Once your goods are with us in Venlo, we will take care of the further handling. You can think of stripping and palletizing containers. We also carry out the after-treatment of your goods according to your wishes. Think, for example, of sorting, groupage, stickering, sampling and/or sealing.

Advantages customs warehouse

By using our customs warehouse in Venlo, you do not have to pay import duties and VAT. Only when the goods are released for free circulation in the European Union will the import duties and VAT be settled. If the goods leave the EU, you don’t even have to pay import duties and VAT at all. This is a big advantage. It often happens that you do not know in advance what the final destination of the goods is. When stored in our customs warehouse, it does not have to be clear yet what the final destination of the goods is. In addition, the use of our customs warehouse is also interesting for companies with a production process. You may not know in advance whether the raw materials are used for production in or outside the EU. With our customs warehouse, the goods can be stored under customs supervision. When the production process actually starts, the goods are released for free circulation or can be placed under inward processing.


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